Integral Behavioural Assessment

What is the IBA?

This assessment is designed to best understand and predict a candidate’s behaviour in the workplace. It is not an intelligence test, nor a psychological appraisal, the QC Profile is merely a tool to help best understand a potential employee’s characteristics.

When completing the form please remember:

1. Read the directions carefully before you start.

2. The questionnaire should be completed in a quiet environment without interruptions and noise.

3. Complete the questionnaire at one sitting.

4. There are no right or wrong answers and no pass or fail judgement.

5. When answering, please think of your behaviour in the workplace (present or earlier). If you have not worked at all or not worked in the last three months, you should think of yourself in college, school or social situations.

6. In each box of the questionnaire, there are four descriptive words. You are required to rank these words by order of what you believe to be MOST or LEAST like you by putting M or L in the box next to the word. For example, next to Shy you might put M

7. Leave the remaining two boxes blank that you did not choose to be most or least like you.

8. A number of descriptions in the questionnaire are very similar in meaning. Rest assured that the designers had a good reason for using these particular words.

9. Complete one box at a time and be sure to complete each box with an M and L.


10. Be as honest as possible with your answers. Think of how you really are, not how other people think you are and not how you think you ought to be.

11. Be spontaneous with your answers and do not deliberate on them. Your first choices are usually the best, do not go back and change your choices.

12. Work as quickly as you can. Completing this form should take from 10-15 minutes.

Do not be surprised to find that when completing this questionnaire you experience frustration. You will find that “I’m all of those things” or “I’m none of those things”. The point is that the questionnaire is forcing you to make a decision as to which MOST to LEAST describes your behaviour .Good luck, enjoy and remember THIS IS NOT A TEST. Put simply, it paints a word picture of your behavioural style. It cannot be good or bad, it is simply you.

13. Your IBA results will be sent to Integral. Please contact your representative for further information.

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